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 [Guide]Tower of the Dead B1F - Level 95

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PostSubject: [Guide]Tower of the Dead B1F - Level 95   Sun May 11, 2008 2:15 pm

Copy From [URL=""]Forum.cabalonline[/URL]
Written by InF3RNo
Tower of the Dead (B1F) Guide - Step by Step:
NOTE: Remember getting all the items from all bosses, all the items are quest items.
1. Once you enter go and kill Pierce Hound Zombie.

2. After killing it go forward and touch the fountain,touch it

3. After touching the fountain, you'll have to kill some Ice Hound Zombie until you get an Ice Hound Zombie Cuspid. After you get it, go back to the fountain and the door will open. Go forward to the way and look for Agrya and kill him.

4. After, go back at the start of the dungeon until you find a brazier and some bones near, touch the brazier, after the bones and now the brazier.

5. Advance and touch the brazier in the order that the image shows.

6. Go back where you killed Agrya and get near to the corner and touch the last brazier.

7. Turn around and touch the torch at the right.

8. After touching the door you'll enter to the Werewolf's Chamber.

9. Once you enter touch the altar with the blue fire.

10. Now kill the Werewolf.
11. After killing him, touch again the altar and get out of the chamber by the portal, go forward by the only way and touch the fountain.

12. After while you're going to the start of the dungeon, touch the fountains as you see in the image

13. Go to the first fountain and touch it.

14. Go back where you started with the fountains and touch it again, the door will open.

15. Once it's opened, touch the lamps in the correct order, as the image, if you don't do it right, a lot of monsters will appear, they're called Shades to punish you for don't obbey me, xD!

16. After touching them in order, go forward by the new way and kill Anelion, touch the lamp before killing her and the backway will close, don't forget your friends if you're in a party!

17. Now touch the leon that is marked in the image.

18. Go forward the new way to and touch the lamp.

19. Once you touch the lamp a door will open, now kill one Ice Ghoul Warrior.

20. Now go back and touch the lamp that was near Anelion.

21. Go back to the Ice Ghoul Warrior and kill to their boss: Vulschekra.

22. After killing him get sure you extract all the Ice Ghoul Warriors from the next corridor, I'll explain you why later.

23. Enter to the corridor doing Dash and/or Blink and make the Ghouls stay back in the other chamber and make them don't follow you, touch the brazier, the doors will close and you'll have to kill 20 Ice Ghouls. After, touch the brazier again and the door will open.

24. Enter by the new way and touch the leon at the right and a door will open, go over it.

25. Be careful and break the chest and the door will close, if your friends are out they can't help you right now until the door's broken.

26. Once you break the door and killed both Crimson Bats, you'll have to kill them to make the next boss appear. Before of after break the door.

27. Go forward and kill Retthoth.

28. Now go and touch the leon at the left.

29. Go forward and touch that big thing, call it whatever yo want, xD

30. Kill the Ice Ghoul Warriors until you find the quest item. Now you'll have kill the monsters until they drop the quest items, if you don't have enough ghouls, you'll have to wait 20 minutes until they respawn.

31. Kill now Ice Zombie Lady until you find the quest item.

32. Now it's the turn for the Ice BabaYagas until you find the quest item.

33. After collecting all the quest items that I said before go to the big thing and it'll teleport you to the Vampire Chamber.

34. After touch the torch, go forward.

35. After going forward touch the bookcase.

36. Now touch the altar.

37. Once Pertz Von Zatellerean appears, kill him, but NOW LOOK AT THE NEXT STEP!

38. Drag Pertz Von Zaterellean where the image indicates, after a ice wall will appear as the image points. When you kill him you'll have to kill him again.

39. Now go back and touch the piano.

40. Go forward and touch the portal.

41. Touch the stone at the center and after go by the door at the center go through the portal that the image indicates.

42. Now you'll appear in a chamber, you'll have to touch the item marked in the image.

43. Enter forward and you'll have to kill Frozen Watcher Zombie.

44. Go by the new way, you'll be in a square chamber with a item at the center, touch it and a lot of zombies will appear, too much for you maybe, if you're low level maybe you've got to cast some auras.

45. Once you kill them all touch the central item again and the General Zombie will appear, kill him.
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Posts : 44
Join date : 2008-04-18
Age : 31
Location : Singapore

PostSubject: Re: [Guide]Tower of the Dead B1F - Level 95   Sun May 11, 2008 2:18 pm

46. Once you kill him, touch the item again and a new way will open, then go forward the new way, now you've got to think if do or not the secondary quest that give you 6,000 Alz, WOW! Real shame... hahaha. Well, then do it only to gain more experience.
- Touch the chunk of wall indicated in the image, then touch the torch near of the wall.

- Go forward by the corridor to the next chamber and touch the items in the way that the image indicates, then some Golems will appear.

- Once you kill all the golems, Axion Stone Golem will appear.

- Once you eliminate the Golem, touch the tomb near to you. When you touch it, it'll ask you to kill 2 Frozen Slaughter Zombies and 4 Frozen Fighter Zombies

- After you kill all the required monsters, go back to the previous tomb.
Secondary Quest Finished!
47. If you've done the quest you maybe have killed him, if you haven't, kill him, he isn't corcening about the quests in the dungeon, but he drops a chest!

48. Go forward and kill the Frozen Slayer Zombie.

49. After touch the items in the order that the image indicates.

50. Go forward and kill Frozen Prime Knight Zombie and kill him.
51. After killing him go back a little and touch the books down the skeleton at the cross.

52. Go forward by the corridor and you'll have to kill 3 Flesh Golems.

53. After killing them go back a bit and you'll have to touch crucified skeleton. You can kill the rest of the flesh golem, as they make additional chests appear and a item is awaiting for you inside.

54. Now go forward through the corridor where the Flesh Golem were and teleport to a new zone by the excavator.

55. Go forward by the final corridor and kill the LAST BOSS: Mergaheph

56. Go back a bit and and touch the clock marked in the image.

57.Go back where you killed the final boss and go through the portal.

58.You'll be in a chamber with a giant stone with three portals. Touch the giant stone and go to the third portal starting to count on the left. As marked on the image.

59. You'll be now teleported back, now touch the tomb, a chest will appear, break it and you've finished the Tower of the Dead (B1F) and you'll be gifted with some Honour Points and a Entry Item to Tower of the Dead (B2F).

Hope its useful Smile
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[Guide]Tower of the Dead B1F - Level 95
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