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 In-depth upgrading guide

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In-depth upgrading guide Empty
PostSubject: In-depth upgrading guide   In-depth upgrading guide EmptySat May 10, 2008 8:51 pm

Here the guild i copy from forum ^^

Before you flame or accuse anything, hear me out first. I found the upgrade guide we have currently too simple and also it might be a bit hard to understand for the newbies. So this is my version of CabalSEA's upgrading guide.

1. Starting out

In-depth upgrading guide Core

The core alchemist npc should be the main interest for everyone, there is one in every town. But at the moment, Fort Ruina's core alchemist does not include upgrading services.

2. The upgrade window

In-depth upgrading guide Basic

After clicking the upgrade options when you talked to the core alchemist, you will come to this window. They are three columns which you should take note of:

- The item you're upgrading
- Force cores/Upgrade cores
- Catalyst

2.1 Upgrading the equipment

In-depth upgrading guide Slot

Important - the equipment you're upgrading must be slotted!

Don't get confused with another term of upgrading in this game. Just remember upgrades at the core alchemist uses Force cores while the other uses Upgrade Cores (low/medium/high) and doesn't require the usage of the core alchemist. Another thing to note of the equipment is that they may come in one or two slots. The cash shop (not yet available) has an item called a slot extender which can further extend slots on your slotted equipment. But if I'm not wrong, the maximum you can achieve is only three slots.

Slotted equipment can only be gotten off mobs, quest or bought off players. Two slots equipments off mobs are of course, uncommon.

2.2 Cores

Then comes the important part of the upgrade you can't do without, force cores. They are the one responsible for the options that may be given to your slotted equipment. Please note the following...

1) For level 1 upgrades, only one force core is needed
2) For level 2 upgrades, you need two force cores but there is only a 25% chance to achieve a level 2 upgrade and furthermore, what you may get is completely random.
3) The last slot is used for upgrade cores BUT it's to increase the overall success chance. And the better the core, the higher the success chance. (Alternatively, you can also use one force core and two upgrade cores if you want a higher success chance on your level 1 upgrade)
4) With two slot equipment, the chance for success per slot reduces to 50%.

2.3 Catalyst

The catalyst is to determine which stat your equipment you're upgrading will have. And your catalyst must be slotted so don't be surprised if you cannot place a non slotted equipment inside.

In-depth upgrading guide Higher

An upgraded (eg. +1/2/3/4...) catalyst will further increase the success chance. See the difference in success chance as compared to the first screenshot? (my catalyst is a +5 in my case)

Refer to the picture below to see what catalyst gives what stat

In-depth upgrading guide Completelistezv6ug5

*NEWLY UPDATED LVL 2 UPGRADE STAT TABLE* (credits as listed in the table, source from Cabal EU)

In-depth upgrading guide Cabalenchanteditfn0

Things to take note of:

1) Some equipment are unable to receive a certain stat (eg. in the first row, only boots and suits are able to achieve a HP stat)
2) Just in case people forget, level 2 upgrades are random and cannot be determined by the use of catalysts. But to play safe, always make sure what level 1 upgrade you want if the level 2 upgrade fails. (reason being if you didn't make to a level 2 upgrade, at least the next option will be the desired stat you want thanks to the catalyst instead of a random level 1 upgrade stat)
3) The catalyst used must either be one grade less/equal or many grades higher than the equipment you're upgrading (eg. for Osmium, as a catalyst the lowest grade usable is Shadow Titanium. Anything Osmium or higher is usable)
4) If you fail an upgrade, only the catalyst and force core (or upgrade cores) used will be gone. The equip you're upgrading still remains.
5) Regarding the upgrade stats list, there are "mistakes" pointed out by a lot of people. The only reason i can think of is that this is not an updated list but for what stats you can achieve remains correct.
6) Regarding different figures in different equips as noted by Faltizan...

I asked around and got this answer.

So I hope it clears up some doubts. (hehe)


- Usually the 75% base chance success is good enough, but unless you're investing heavily into a single upgrade, you can cut back on upgrade cores
- The best level 1 upgrades are critical damage increase and HP
- Only consider upgrading IF you're very sure you're gonna use that particular equip for a while (so naturally usually anything < titanium you can skip to save alz)

4. Some examples of godly upgraded equipment

In-depth upgrading guide Finallysword

In-depth upgrading guide Eimidd

In-depth upgrading guide Newkatan

If there's anything I missed out or needs to be corrected, feel free to point out. I hope this guide was helpful. Smile

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Posts : 44
Join date : 2008-04-18
Age : 31
Location : Singapore

In-depth upgrading guide Empty
PostSubject: Re: In-depth upgrading guide   In-depth upgrading guide EmptySat May 10, 2008 8:53 pm

[SIZE="3"]That other "upgrade"...[/SIZE]

I decided to have another section of the guide dedicated to the other "upgrade" we have in this game. It seems like the confusion is never ending so I hope it will clear everyone's doubts. (and learn how to use them, seems like there is a a good number who don't know how to use upgrade cores (wow))

1. Introduction

As I had stressed before, this other upgrade we have in game make uses of upgrade cores and you don't need the help of a core alchemist to do it. Basically it just + your equipment.

+0 as a clean state of equipment and +7 being the maximum level of upgrade.

2. The cores

We have a total of three cores in this game, ranging from low to high. And for the convenience of the lazy people, I'm going to explain in detail...

In-depth upgrading guide Low

They are the cheapest cores, usually they are more used as a success chance "ingredient" for upgrading at the core alchemist rather than actually using them on equipment. One reason is that the grade of equipments you can upgrade with, it usually isn't to hard to find +3 to +5 versions of them from mob drops. Unless you're quite well off, I usually don't see the need to use them at all.

And of course it's a waste to use them on equipment grades below shadowsteel/aramid/citrine, following the previous reason and the fact you'll "outgrow" them fast and you won't be making much profit from the used low grade equipments.

In-depth upgrading guide Med

This will be at the prime level when you noticed your need for upgrade cores might increase. But as like the previous, bluestin gear is still easily found +3 to +5 off mobs so you can save them for titanium gears which won't be easily found at such conditions onwards. (you will start getting +3 titanium gears at maps like Undead Ground but by then you would have "outgrown" them)

In-depth upgrading guide High

This is the final stage of the three cores you will be using for the rest of your life beyond shadow titanium grade onwards. The highest grade of armour you can upgrade with this is the "red osmium armours" (meaning Terragrace/Mystic/Shineguard).

And as some might notice the trend of upgrading osmium gears to +7, hence this has brought the prices of high cores up.

3. How to use an upgrade core...

Just right click them and select the equipment you want to upgrade. It's just that easy, nothing too complicated. (ok)

4. Where to get cores from?

All three grades of cores may be gotten off mobs, quest rewards, bought off from other players and most recently, obtainable from the cash shop (with the exception of the unreleased upgrade core (high)).

5. Help I can't/failed my upgrade!!

If you can't upgrade an item no matter how much you click away there can only be two reasons....

1) Right click the core first then left click the equipment you want to upgrade, and your equipment has to be unequipped first.

2) Wrong grade of equipment with the wrong grade of cores (eg. using a low core on an osmium grade equipment will result in nothing happening)

And if you failed your upgrade, don't worry it's not a bug. It's just a standard procedure...

- +0 to +3 is a guaranteed 100% success (amended this due to a feedback, +0 to +3 still have a chance of failure but the difference is that there will be no penalities imposed)
- Only from +4 onwards, when you fail, the penalty will be the downgrade of one +
- failing +4 to +5, +5 to +6 will result a downgrade of your equipment's + as a penalty
- failing +6 to +7 will result your equipment reverting back to +0 (CONFIRMED!, source: [URL=""][/URL])

But luckily (or unluckily), the cash shop has an item to provide which increases the rate of success on your upgrade when using upgrade core (high). Introducing the Core Extender (high)...

In-depth upgrading guide Coreenhancer

available in quantities of 1 or 10, cheaper to buy in 10 if you're gonna use more of course

A core enhancer is used to combine with an upgrade core (depending on the enhancer's grade) to form an enhanced core. It will increase the chance of success but you still need to rely on luck to pass. (and remember what I said from the previous guide, don't upgrade unless necessary, that meaning if you're sure you're going to use that particular equipment for a long time)

: one last important point, upgrading an equipment will result a change in it's stat requirements so unless you're sure you can meet the requirements, do not upgrade to levels like +5 at one go. Indicators are provided to show the new stat requirement when you move your mouse after right clicking the upgrade core. (just move over, not click!)

That concludes the upgrading guide, I hope it was helpful. As usual leave questions if you're still confused...

*In no way did Asiasoft pay me to do "advertising" for their cash item (Razz)

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In-depth upgrading guide
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