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 Warrior Skills

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Warrior Skills Empty
PostSubject: Warrior Skills   Warrior Skills EmptySun May 04, 2008 4:36 pm

I'm making this thread due to no thread listing Warrior Skill with detail. I'm adding my own skill build with it. Please note that you can only have 5 buff skill activate at a time including party buff. Some of them stack and some of them not. Here goes:
*For a better view of skill build please look at the 3rd post of this thread


Impact Stab
Warrior Skills Char_warrior_clip_image001_2_sword
The first skill your get.
Upgrade to 9 only.

Flash Draw
Warrior Skills Char_warrior_clip_image001_sword
Your basic knock down skill, do not buy this skill, you will get it for free.
A very useful skill. Good for increasing skill level. - Upgrade to 9 only.

Fade Step
Warrior Skills Char_warrior_clip_image001_0001_sword
Evade skill by stepping back
Useless skill, you can get a better Dash skill later so skip this one.

Power Stab
Warrior Skills Char_warrior_clip_image001_0000_sword
2 times Impact Stab
Get this skill to use in combo - Leave it at 1.


Heavy Slash
Warrior Skills Char_warrior_clip_image001_0004_sword
Slash from right to left
Useless skill, waste of skill slot, skip this.

Concentration (Buff)
Warrior Skills Char_warrior_clip_image001_0003_sword
Increase one's hit rate
A useless buff, get it if you want but later you will need to remove this to replace with a better buff.

Warrior Skills Char_warrior_clip_image001_0002_sword
Move you quickly in front.
Get this skill because this skill will save you a lot of time when doing dungeon mission. - Upgrade to 9 (MAX)

Press Impact
Warrior Skills Char_warrior_clip_image001_0005_sword
Slashing from upward and hitting ground causing knockdown.
Get this skill so you can have 4 skill for combo. - Upgrade to 9 only.


Rising Shot
Warrior Skills Char_warrior_clip_image001_0008_sword
Swing your sword from below upward.
Get this skill if you have spare skill slot after getting Blade Force - Upgrade to 9 only.

Blade Force (Buff)
Warrior Skills Char_warrior_clip_image001_0006_sword
Increase you sword damage.

Rising Blade
Warrior Skills Char_warrior_clip_image001_0009_sword
Spin 1 time and swing outward.
I think this skill hit all mob around you if they stay near enough.
Get this if you have spare skill slot or just replace Rising Shot - Upgrade to 9 only.

Raging Thrust
Warrior Skills Char_warrior_clip_image001_0007_sword
Spiral attack a target using a sword
I don't really remember this skill but just replace this skill with Impact Stab. - Upgrade to 9 only.


Force Kick
Warrior Skills ForceKick
Quickly move towards target and stunning them.
Get this skill for pvp, This skill is useful against range enemy or player. Keep it at 9 as someone told me it has the shortest cooldown.

Warrior Skills Charge
Use your shoulder charging to your enemy.
This is an other useless skill due to its short range. Don't get it.

Iron Skin (Buff)
Warrior Skills Char_warrior_clip_image001_0013_sword
Increase Defense and HP
GET THIS AS SOON AS YOU CAN. This skill can stack with Aura Barrier and will be one of your permanent skill until you reach Transcender. - Upgrade to level 20.

Rolling Crash
Warrior Skills Char_warrior_clip_image001_0012_sword
Jump and strike enemy from above.
Get this skill and replace it with Press Impact. - All the way to 20 (MAX)

Cascade Break
Warrior Skills Char_warrior_clip_image001_0010_sword
Spinning a few times before launching sword upwards.
A 180 skill, get it if you have skill slot. - Upgrade to level 9 only.


Round Cut
Warrior Skills RoundCut
Attacking all enemy surrounding you. A 360 deg skill.
I skip this skill for a better version, Spiral Doom. But get it if you want.

Blade Aura (Buff)
Warrior Skills AuraBlade
Get this skill first if you have the slot but don't use it because during this time your Blade Force is stronger than this skill at level 1. You only remove Blade Force after this skill gives you more attack buff. - Upgrade this to 20
*Note: This skill does not stack with Blade Force.

Spiral Doom
Warrior Skills SpiralDoom
Spinning your sword around damaging enemy 3~4 times.
A must get skill. - Upgrade it to 20 or to 18 if you want to combo.

Down Breaker (Buff)
Warrior Skills DownBreaker
Increase you chance to knock down an enemy.
A 30% increase for knocking down an enemy is very good indeed - Upgrade to level 20 for 30% chance.


Aura Barrier (Buff)
Warrior Skills AuraBarrier
Increase your defense and HP.
A must get skill. This skill stack with Iron Body that will increase +200 of your HP. - Upgrade to level 20 (MAX)

Sword Cannon
Warrior Skills SwordCanon
Shoot a wheel of force to your target.
The only range skill for warrior. Get it to level 9 only.


Terra Break
Warrior Skills TerraBreak
Jump high and strike down on enemy dealing area damage.
One of the coolest animation. Casting time is very long but the damage is good. Upgrade to level 9 for combo or 20 if you want damage.

Panic Cry (Buff / Curse)
Warrior Skills PanicCry
Causing your enemy to lose some health, reduce their critical rate and damage.
This skill is good for pvping. Get this skill if you have the slot and max to to 20.


Warrior Skills Whirlwind
Swing your sword around damaging all enemy around you for 6~8 hits.
A must get skill. This skill is more advance than Spiral Doom. Set to 9 for combo or 20 for damage.

Soul Blade
Warrior Skills SoulBlade
More powerful than Blade Aura.
Do as you do with Blade Force. MAX it
*Remember this does not stack.

Instant Immunity
Warrior Skills Immunity
Makes you immune to Stun, Knock Back, Down and Unable to move.
OMG!!! A must have skill for warrior. Due to no stun skill for us, the creator grant us the immunity against it. A really good skill for PVP. Max It. See my strategy for pvp at the end. Only last for 30 sec.


Seismic Wave
Warrior Skills Seismic
Jump and strike on earth and rip it out damaging enemy on it.
A good skill, better than Terra Break in term of damage and casting time. A must get skill. - Upgrade to level 9 for combo.

Cat's Recovery (Buff)
Warrior Skills Cats
Increase your health restoration rate.
Better than restoration but the down side is its in sword skill so you have to remove 1 skill. Get this if you want. Can only upgraded to level 12 due to Transcender not implement yet, this skill will replace your Iron Skin Buff.

Morale Shout (Buff / Party)
Warrior Skills Morale
Increase you and your party members HP.
Everyone will love you for this. Who don't need an extra HP especially when doing dungeon quest. a 290+ HP at level 12 is a life saver. With a right equipment, skill and buff you can get up to 2.4k HP.

Fury Shout (Buff / Party)
Warrior Skills Fury
Increase you and your party member attack and magic damage.
This is another good buff but I just skip it because I already have 5 good buff. And also this skill only last for 60 sec.

*Thanks for the response guys. Really appreciate it.

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Posts : 44
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Warrior Skills Empty
PostSubject: Re: Warrior Skills   Warrior Skills EmptySun May 04, 2008 4:37 pm

*This is not mine guide is by others [/U],1.html?time=1208964863

Now I can start the guide for all of you aspiring warriors.


Advantages: - Heavy Armor Set - High Defense
- High Damage Skills
- Need only to search for 1 weapon, which is easier than all other classes, who all need to search for 2.

Disadvantage: - A.Master Skill cast time a little high, this means opponent can probably cast 2 skills during your casting period.


Skills - Active

Note: everything i have in between the lines such as *blah blah blah* will indicate the advantage of that particular skill. If i don't have any comments in the parallel lines, it means I BELIEVE this skill is useless and not worth getting.

FLASH DRAW - You definitely want to level this skill to 9. * 120 degree AoE knockdown in fron tof you. *

Impact Stab - Fast Casting, get up to level 9. * 1 target, weak damage, but the fast cast makes it worthwhile in skill leveling. *

Power Stab - 1 target, low damage, no knockdown. Get lvl 1 of it for the sake of having 4 skills to combo.

Fade Step - a backward dash that will cancel the oppnents combo. Useful in PvP. DO NOT get it before Master Skill Rank.

Dash - Quickly moves a distance in front of you. *Helps getting through dungeons and avoiding mass mobs. Get it IF you have the skill slot for it*

Concentration [BUFF] - in my opinion 100% useless. Combo = 100% hit and cast skills faster. I don't understand why people get this buff.

Heavy Slash - 1 target low damage. USELESS, therefore no comment.

Press Impact - AoE, good damage * get it, you will be using it for a while, up to level 9 only *

Blade Force [BUFF] - get it to level 20 if u have the skill points, this buff increases damage.

Raging Thrust - a 120 degree AoE, but the arc is to the side of your body and knockback. * good damage, AoE. however, the knockback can destroy your group mob, therefore making you have to regroup your mob. get it to level 9. also i would use this skill as last skill in combo*

Rising Shot - 1 - 2 targets not too bad for damage. you can get it if you wish.

Rising Blade - more powerful version of Rising Shot.

Cascade Break - a high damage skill, but has knockback problem as well. * get it to level 9 and i would use it as last skill in combo *

Charge - USELESS, despite what other people tell you about it and the MechaSpider boss. I tell you a strategy that will allow you to defeat MechaSpider without sustaining damage AT ALL.

Rolling Crash [FINAL] - This will be 1 of your final skills. * 120 degree AoE in front of you, high damage, and knocksdown. get to level 20 *

Iron Skin [BUFF] - Increase Hp and Def get it to whatever level you want preferably higher the better if you have the points to spend

Blade Aura [BUFF - Advanced Blade Force] - do not get this skill right when you hit A.Expert because your Blade Force will provide a higher bonus at this point. * give greater damage than Blade Force, i get it at 40/67 A.Expert, which is level for Spiral Doom. *

Round Cut - good aoe but weak damage. get it if u wish

Spiral Doom [FINAL] - 1 of your final skills *Crazy Damage, 360 degree AoE. get to level 20*

Sword Cannon [FINAL] - ranged sword skill * this is your boss skill, get it to level 9 ASAP, you will **** bosses with this skill *

Aura Barrier [BUFF - Advanced Iron Skin] - Some philosophy as Blade Force, get it at around 40/57 Master Skill Rank. * Get to level 20, which adds 100hp and 59 def *

Terra Break [FINAL] - INSANE damage....and 360 AoE * get it to level 9 i suggest for quick casting, therefore giving high DPS*

Whirlwind [FINAL] - INSANE^2 damage...and 360 AoE * get it to level 9 for quick casting.


Skills - Upgrade

hp mastery
Defensive sense
offensive sense
when you hit g.master.....
impact control
damage absorb



Try to wear +4 and +5 equipment that you find or buy from vendor up to SHADOWSTEEL set.

for SHADOWSTEEL set, get Adept+2: +3 Skill Exp per Skill pieces, which will be: HELM, ARMOR, BOOTS, GLOVES, BLADE, and CRYSTAL.

Now that you have your SHADOWSTEEL set, you have 2 choices and they are as follows:

for newbies to the game: wear your adept +2 set and skip BLUESTIN set. once you have enough stats, wear your TITANIUM set. For your TITANIUM set, DO NOT upgrade if that piece of equipment does not have a slot. The reason for skipping an entire set is to up your skills and the trick is to not get cheap on yourself with the potions. Start chugging and i mean chugging level 2 hp potions at this point.

for experienced players: wear your adept +2 set and skip BLUESTIN and TITANIUM set. If you go this route, you will be behind on your quests, but you'll probably be G.Master by level 90 if not earlier. Know when to run and CHUG maybe even level 3 hp potions.


Your Resources

the fastest way to get rich is to do quests, which should cover you for above basic equipments without a problem.

if you wana be rich, then go test your luck and find a cape to sell.

NOW, this is VERY important, i can't stress this enough. IF YOU RUSH LEVEL, and is the first to 5th person of your class to reach level 50 then you should SAVE ALL YOUR MONEY (ALZ) and use it on your crafting. Craft your armorset and throw away all the different types until you reach ADEPT craft. once you craft yourself and adept +2 set start crafting more and start selling them at 250k - 300k a piece. Once you start feeling competition, start lowering your prices accordingly.


Skills by RANK !!!

Flasd draw:

Click to see the original picture
1 is enuf...bcoz juz 4 knock down mobs
Impact Stab :

Click to see the original picture
add till lvl 9 if can

Click to see the original picture
Skill goes straight so lure mobs make 1 line 2 hit mutil target up till lvl 9
Concentration: increase att rate

Click to see the original picture
increase accuracy ,up til lvl 20

Click to see the original picture
Use 2 kill Boss and PvP...lvl 9
Press Impact

Click to see the original picture

del impact stab skill and up this skill till 9
Blade Force:+ ATK

Click to see the original picture

1 important buff skill...Max!!!
Rising Blade: 104.9 cast time 2.2s,

Click to see the original picture

Nid regular 8. High Evasion up till lvl 9...quite strong.
Raging Thrust :

Click to see the original picture

Nid regular 16. very effective in pvp and even trainnin
Add 9 or max .
Charge : ( atk + dash)

Click to see the original picture

...Learn a nt up 2 you ^^
Iron Skin: +HP + def

Click to see the original picture

...up 20 , oso important
next rolling crash , rank expert: 13
Rolling Crash: atk 209.1 cast time 3s

Click to see the original picture

Very Gud skill + knock down , Cool huh ?, Muz learn, U will regret if u dont' ^^.
Cascade Break:

Click to see the original picture

Learn This oso, shld del all other skills and keep this 3 skill...cascade break, raging trust vĂ rolling crash. With this 3 skills wan how many combo oso can and including knockdown, especially raging trust and cascade break high Evasion and knock down almost 100%.
Blade Aura: +HP+ def( so no nid Blade force)

Click to see the original picture

Dun rush wait till Aexpert 6 den learn it bcoz if u wan learn rightaway only can buff 1min and 28atk.When blade force oso add atk same btw longer time .
Spiral Doom: atk 362.4 cast time 3.8s

Click to see the original picture

Hit every targets near you 3 times. 1 strong Skill.... add 20 will do.
Sword Cannon : atk 249.5

Click to see the original picture

1 high evasion Skill and it has piercing effect(1 straight line) so easier 4 trainni Add till lvl 9
Aura Barrier: +DEf+hp

Click to see the original picture

same as blade force dun learn now...wait till master 39 den learn bcoz till then then Aura barier beter iron skill,and when u straight away learn den da effect only 60s
Terra Break

Click to see the original picture

Very cool skill and tell you's damage f**king high , Add till lvl 9 or Max ifcan. beta 9 lah bcoz cool time faster ^^.
Whirlwind :

Click to see the original picture

OMG only 1 word 2 describe this...Perfect Add till lvl 9 4 fastest Cool Time.
Upgrade Skill
Focus on Skill + atk and accuracy.

Click to see the original picture
Damage Absorb

Click to see the original picture
Defensive Sense

Click to see the original picture
Impact Control

Click to see the original picture

Click to see the original picture
Offensive Sense
About magic Skill : Still have 2 Max 2 get bonus Point

hehe i just saw this 2 guide above hope it can help you but i still think that yours is better Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Warrior Skills   Warrior Skills EmptyTue May 06, 2008 8:16 pm

hey!!! how abt other trades aint fair 4 jus warrior!! lolx
i vote 4 FB!!!
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PostSubject: Nt fair de!   Warrior Skills EmptySun May 25, 2008 3:04 pm

y only post warrior skills only? Should post every job de... i wan baobei post blader de,jackson post magician, don post FB de,kopi post FA de ma.. FS i foget who de highest le
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PostSubject: Re: Warrior Skills   Warrior Skills EmptySun May 25, 2008 3:19 pm

aiyor....lao da is warrior sure only post warrior lor....other job need to ask other guildmate lor...i also wanna see FS de....i wanna be hybird but dunno what to add....haizzz
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PostSubject: Re: Warrior Skills   Warrior Skills Empty

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Warrior Skills
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