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 Interesting stuff that happened to you in Cabal world

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PostSubject: Interesting stuff that happened to you in Cabal world   Mon Apr 28, 2008 8:19 pm

Hi, Lunkia here.

I realised that a lot of interesting stuff happened to Cabal players after reading some posts in the playpark forum. Things like sightings of cabal players stuck in a rock (due to some hacking) or monsters who die mysteriously after they went near a player who was grinding skills at the Dummies. (due to botting and hack, i heard).

I am sure with so many players in our Guild, the Gladiator, we would have a lot of things to share. Especially with every1 at different levels and doing different stuff that some of us might never try Yanson who is good at crafting stuff..i am sure some of us will never craft items in Cabal world..or Prefect grinding dunno how many skill ranks at Dummies...

Well, maybe i can kick off by sharing about this interesting (but trivial) fact..

After reading about how some of you are going to completer, or A master etc..i was actually quite envious and decided to grind some skill i bought some lousy adept armour and started to punch some Toads at Port Lux. Obviously..i wasnt paying attention..and i managed to get myself killed like around 10 times..and got like All the penalties in the world.. No

Surprisingly, after i managed to increase my skill rank from Expert to A expert..all the penalties disappeared. A bug maybe?

So, a kinda useful info for some of u, if you ever end up in my situation...

Please share your experiences, if any. Dont worry about how interesting it is. Surely it cant be more trivial than mine? Surprised

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PostSubject: Re: Interesting stuff that happened to you in Cabal world   Wed May 14, 2008 9:44 pm

lucky bus 3rd
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Interesting stuff that happened to you in Cabal world
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